"Loved it! The system seems to give me something physical that seems to activate energy and also relax the mind without having to verbally analyze 'why' and 'how'. Eileen is a very clear teacher. " Mary.

"A revelation. I hope to do this practice every day." Patrick.

"Very enjoyable and relaxing. Eileen you were a pleasure to deal with. I found you explained everything very well." John.

"An amazing calm weekend with gentle confident guidance through the Qigong form. Great care and attention on every level. Eileen is really supportive at the workshop and at the follow up weekly practice classes" Teresa.

"I found it inspiring, grounding, very relaxing. I have learnt a tool to live life on a better level" Alan.

"Difficult to write down every detail of this course. Not knowing anything about it except that it was mostly exercise..... as I thought. It has had a profound effect on me, feeling renewed and more knowledgeable." Dan.

"The two day workshop was truly amazing!!! The atmosphere, energy and Eileen were so uplifting. I thought I knew about Qi before but really didn't have a complete understanding of it until practicing Qigong as a group." Nora.

"Very enjoyable and informative. Felt very at ease. Thanks very much." Maureen.

"I enjoyed it thoroughly. Having touched on some aspects of Qigong already, I didn't have the confidence to practice alone but now I do" James.

"This was a moving workshop. Simple movements but profound dept of feeling."Alison.

"Very relaxing experience. Very centering - brilliant timing for me. Eileen is an example an embodiment of what she teaches. Ger"